The Directorate of Primary Education Heraklion Greece is a dynamic partner in numerous European projects, showcasing its commitment to diverse education and cultural enrichment. Through collaborative efforts, they champion inclusive learning environments, celebrating cultural diversity as a cornerstone of holistic education.



The objective of ‘Mosaic’, a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ project, was to enhance the access, participation and integration of newly arrived migrants in school education in Malta, Greece, and Portugal:
1) By strengthening the competences of teachers and school staff to promote diversity, empathy and inclusion in schools,
2) Through an Educational Platform, this project supported the schools with regards to facilitation integration and success of migrant students; while making the communication process between migrants, parents, and school community easier and accessible.

Journey of a Tree


By examining the environmental, cultural, and social significance of trees across different regions, “Journey of a Tree” provides a unique platform for cross-cultural dialogue and mutual learning. The project leverages the diverse backgrounds of its partners to enrich the learning experience, offering a variety of perspectives on sustainable living and conservation efforts.

Make it Thrive


Make It Thrive intends to support educators in tackling the issue of mental health in schools, developing their competences in dealing with this topic; to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities and access to psychological support, which results in a healthy school environment and academic and personal success; and to create a more inclusive and diverse environment in the fields of education and youth.